Time-It-Lube Signature Oil Change


Home of the 20-Point Full Service Oil Change

Time-It Lube’s full service oil change is designed to keep your vehicle in top condition.

20-Point Full Service Oil Change Includes:

  • Oil Change—Up to 5 Quarts
  • New Oil Filter Installation
  • Expert Chassis Lubrication
  • Wash Windshield
  • Under Hood Visual Inspection
  • Under Chassis Visual Inspection

  • Check and Fill:
    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Battery
    • Transmission/Transaxle
    • Differential (Front and Rear)
    • Transfer Case
    • Radiator Coolant Recovery Level
    • Windshield Washer Reservoir
    • Tire Pressure

  • Check and Inspect:
    • Brake Fluid
    • Air Filter
    • Crankcase Breather (PCV Filter)
    • PCV Valve
    • Lights
    • Windshield Wipers
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