Fuel System Service

Recommended at 15,000 mile intervals.

During normal operation, harmful deposits form in your vehicle's intake, emission and fuel system. A clean fuel system provides optimum performance, improved acceleration and increases gas economy and efficiency. A professional fuel system service helps eliminate surging, sluggishness, and hesitation caused by a dirty fuel system.

Step 1—Fuel System Cleaner - A premium, high tech formula designed to clean the complete fuel system from the gas tank to the exhaust. This concentrated formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon deposits. Highly effective detergents clean the fuel injectors or carburetor, intake valves and combustion chambers. Scavenges water from the fuel system. Lubricates injectors, valves, upper cylinders and rings, while improving combustion and reducing exhaust emissions.

Step 2—Oil System Conditioner - Lubricating oil-based detergent formula to safely and gently protect and condition the crankcase while removing gums, varnish, carbon deposits, sludge, abrasives and other contaminants. Contains friction modifiers and extreme pressure components to protect engine friction surfaces while cleaning. This oil-based product is designed to remain in the crankcase for a full oil change interval, providing more complete crankcase cleaning and conditioning.

Step 3—Induction Cleaner - A two-stage induction system cleaner. Quickly dissolves gum and varnish deposits from the intake manifold and runners, valves, pistons and combustion chambers. Residual cleaner continues to soften hard carbon deposits for more thorough, long-term cleaning. Lubricates while cleaning. Helps reduce build-up in the catalytic converter and reduce

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