Cooling System Service

Your cars radiator coolant should be serviced according to manufacturer's recommended mileage interval.

Coolant/anti-freeze serves several purposes as it flows through the engine's heater core and cooling system. It prevents rust and corrosion from forming on internal parts and removes extreme heat to the radiator to be dispersed. Coolant replacement provides fresh rust and corrosion inhibitors and reduces the chances of freezing and boil over.

Service includes:

  • A coolant flush additive is introduced prior to fluid replacement. This helps in breaking down rust, corrosion, and calcium deposits insuring removal during the flush.
  • Flush entire cooling system and fill with the proper mixture of fresh coolant/anti-freeze.
  • Dispose of the old coolant/anti-freeze in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • A coolant treatment is added once new fluid is added back to you coolant system. This aids in a cooler running, cleaner system that will prevent rust and corrosion from forming in the future.
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