What Makes Xpress Car Wash's newest state of the art facility different?

Time-It Lube and Xpress Car Wash are dedicated to offering their customer’s only the best when it comes to customer service, as well as the products used to service and wash their vehicles.  Xpress Car Wash locations include the corner of E. 70th St. and Fern Loop in Shreveport, Louisiana and 2121 W. Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas.  These facilities feature ALL of the latest, most innovative equipment in the car wash business today.

Dual Belt Conveyor Sytem- This conveyor system is unlike any other.  Dual belts allow the customer to simply drive onto the belt with ease, rather than having to line their tire up with steel slots like all other washes around town.  No need to worry about scratching your wheels here!    LED loading screen-  The LED loading screen tells you exactly what you need to do in order for the customer to load themselves with complete confidence.
Squirt guns- The oil change lobby is equipped with 2 squirt guns that your children will absolutely love.  No need to worry about your children becoming restless while our professional technicians service your vehicle. Innovative Glass Structure-  The car wash system is housed in a 140ft. complete glass structure giving the customer a bright 360 degree view to the exterior of the wash.  For those of you that become nervous in dark, dingy car wash tunnels this will sooth your nerves. 
Tommy Wash innovative circular arch equipment-  Not only is Tommy Wash equipment safe but it also provides extraordinary cleaning power.  Even the dirtiest cars are gauranteed to be Clean. Shiny. Dry. after an Xpress Car Wash. (not to mention it just looks cool) Protovest 3 step drying syetem- This drying system is the absolute top of the line drying system in the industry today  The drier contours 6in from all vehicles no matter what the shape, ensuring your vehicle will be as dry as possible.
Water reclaim system-  Xpress Car Wash reclaims about 60% of the water used in the wash process to be reused.  To put this in perspective, the average person taking a 10 minute shower will use as much as 42 gallons of fresh water. Xpress Car Wash can wash an entire car in 3 minutes using just 9 gallons fresh water.    


Available packages include:

Unlimited wash packages:
Xpress Wash……………………..$15 ($150 value)

Xpress Plus Wheels……………...$19 ($210 value)

Xpress Everything……………….$26 ($300 value)

Xpress Platinum………………...$34 ($360 value)


Become an Xpress Car Wash Member Today!

Time-It Lube’s Xpress Car Wash is now offering the most convenient, economic, and innovative way to keep your vehicle looking sharp every day of the year!  For one outrageously low monthly fee, you will receive the wash package of your choice EVERYDAY, at our new state-of-the-art car wash located at the corner of E. 70th Street and Fern Loop, our Pines Rd. location in Shreveport, and at 2121 W. Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas.  Packages start as low as $15 per month and can be canceled any time.  All club members will be issued their very own Car Wash Xpress Pass.  More locations are soon to come!


How to Become a Member

Visit the Time-it Lube Xpress Car Wash located at the corner of Fern Loop and E. 70th Street, the Time-it Lube located on Pines Road in Shreveport, or the Time-It Lube Xpress Car Wash located on 2121 W. Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas.  Tell the cashier you would like to join the Xpress Pass Club and specify which package suits you and your vehicle best.  All you will need is a valid credit or debit card and your email address.  Once you have made your payment, the cashier will walk you to your vehicle and install the Xpress Pass on your windshield.  You are now ready to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free washing for life!

Whats a VIP Xpress Pass?

A VIP Fast Pass is a micro chip that goes on the inside top left corner of your vehicle's windshield. Upon your purchase the micro chip is charged with your specified wash package. To use the Fast Pass simply pull up to the electronic cashier located at the front of the wash. A sensor inside the cashier will read the Xpress Pass micro chip and will ask you if you would like to upgrade your wash if necessary. If you select no thanks the cashier will give you the green arrow and will fire the wash specified by your Fast Pass. If you have purchased any of the Xpress Plus Wheels, Xpress Everything, or Xpress Platinum wash packages the cashier will not ask you if you would like to upgrade.





A car wash subscription membership allows you to use any Time-it Lube Xpress car wash.  Our current car wash locations include: Pines Road, Fern Loop at East 70th, Bert Kouns, Barksdale Boulevard, and 2121 W. Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas.






















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