A/C Treatment Service

Improve the life of your A/C System!

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning states that up to 7% of efficiency is lost in your A/C System in the first year alone. True Brand® Automotive A/C Treatment improves the efficiency of your A/C system by removing Oil Fouling and preventing it’s return. It also speeds up the thermodynamics of the A/C process, extends compressor lifetime, improves heat transfer and reduces compressor noise, even reduces future repair costs! Check out the complete list of benefits below of True Brand® Automotive A/C Treatment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increases Heat Transfer
  • Increases Refrigerant Flow
  • Reduces fuel use
  • Lowers Pool Boiling Temperature
  • Decreases Evaporator temperature
  • Lasts the Life of the System
  • Faster cool down in the cabin
  • Extends the life of the compressor
  • Eliminates and Prevents “Oil Fouling”
  • Quieter compressor operation
  • Cleans and coats friction bearing surfaces
  • Colder air and increased comfort
  • Reduces future repair costs!
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